The concept and design of the platform were made by Dimitris Mystakidis.

Programming by Stelios Ignatiadis.

The musicians who played on the recordings are:

Kyriakos Gouventas: Violin

Apostolos Tsardakas: Kanun

Iraklis Vavatsikas: Accordion

Vangelis Karipis: Percussion

Dimitris Mystakidis: guitars, percussion, vocals

Iulia Karapataki: Vocals

Iphigenia Ioannou: Vocals

Eva Xenou: Vocals

Avgerini Gatsi: Vocals

Chrysoula Kehagioglou: Vocals

Yiannis Litainas: Vocals

Manolis Porfyrakis: Vocals

Christos Mastelos: Vocals

Sotiris Papatragiannis: Vocals

The translations were made by Achilleas Anastasiadis

The modal analysis were made by: Apostolos Tsardakas, Petros Tsolakis and Dimitris Mystakidis.

Mixing and mastering were done at Cue studio by Yiannis Mavridis.

The platform was created with support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Funding was also provided by the “digital culture” program of the Ministry of Culture.