User Instructions

The main area of the application is the area that appears when you click on the SCORE option of a song.


At the top of the screen, we find the title of the song and some selection buttons.

In the Song ID selection, we move to a screen where we can find information about the history of the song, its lyrics, tropic analysis of the song, and also listen to the first performance.

In the Video selection, we find videos with slow execution of all channels in parallel with the score. By clicking on the icon located on the right side of the video control bar, we can move to the channels.

By clicking on Score, we return to the interactive score.


Here, an interactive score dominates. During playback, the score follows the music with scrolling, while the notes played at each moment are illuminated. By clicking on a note, playback moves to that point.

Control Panel

At the bottom of the screen, there is the control panel. On the right side of the panel, there are the playback control buttons (STOP, PLAY, PAUSE). To the right of them is the speed controller, while below them is the repeat button (LOOP). By clicking on it, selectors appear to choose the measures you want to repeat. With the PAUSE button, playback stops and continues from the same point when PAUSE or PLAY is pressed again. With the STOP button, playback is stopped and the score returns to the beginning.

Playback can also be stopped and started with the SPACEBAR button, while with the arrows (left-right), we move to the previous or next measure, respectively.

On the left side of the control panel, we see information about the measure we are in, while we can also move playback to any desired measure.

On the right are the channel switches. Initially, the Mix option is selected, which means that all channels of the song are played. By clicking on a specific channel, the mix is turned off and the selected channel is isolated. The other channels become faded in the score, while only the selected channel is heard in the sound. This way, we can isolate one or more channels at the same time. By clicking on Mix again, the channel switches are turned off and we can hear and see the full version. The last switch is the Play along. With this option, we see the full score, but only the chord and vocal channels are heard, so someone can play the solos with their accompaniment.

Next to the channel switches, there are buttons corresponding to the sections of the song. By clicking on one of them, the score is transferred to the corresponding section.